Sandra Dee can help you look and feel like a solid pro on camera with this

Interview Technique ~ Video Training

Video Technique

Are you seeking interviews as a guest expert?

Maybe you’ve already been asked to the stage and worry that you might forget something  important?

What if things don’t go smoothly?  It could be embarrassing and detrimental to your brand!

Maybe you are considering hosting interviews as a way to elevate your brand and draw your target market directly to you…

But how do you make sure that the interview is entertaining, informative and flows easily? What if you cannot connect well with the guest? Then what? That could be disastrous!

If you are an expert in your field (or seek to be recognized as one) Interview skills will be necessary for you to leverage the opportunities when they appear.

This Interview Technique training will be very valuable to you!


Whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, knowing the best way to structure an interview is the foundation for a successful media opportunity. Knowing how to handle an interview as the host, or a guest is a powerful skill if you are establishing yourself as an expert in your field or wanting to reach the masses with your message.

Of course, understanding what makes an interview intriguing is more than just structure. If you are in the “hot seat”, then knowing your main points, being really solid in your visual brand and getting your call to action in every time are your goals.  An important thing to remember here… You need to Be Your Most Engaging Self and that’s not always easy under pressure!

In this training you will learn:


  • The foundation to “owning” everything you are and stepping forward, even under pressure, as a confident and prepared professional.
  • The 5 Steps to an entertaining and empowering interview.
  • What to do to establish quick and deep rapport with your interview subject and why this is a crucial skill to master!
  • How to survive when you are asked a tough question that you’d rather not answer?
  • How you can “Wow” show producers the first time out!

They say the secret to media success is to be prepared and available!
Get Interview Technique now and be ready when opportunity knocks at your door!

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Sandra knows first hand how valuable media coverage can be, and how poor preparation can hurt you.

“In the beginning, no one sat me down and told me how to handle interviews.  They (publicists) just sent me out there.  Looking back, I missed so many opportunities to help causes I believed in, and I did nothing to build my brand.  I wasted several years because I didn’t know better.”—Sandra on her early interviews as a soap star.

Every interview and media opportunity can be a building block to creating your visual brand that can move your product, move your market or get your message to the masses.  Don’t waste another moment feeling unprepared and unsure.  This is your time to step forward and be seen!