Own Your Space! Foundational Training From COC




The crucial foundational training that I provide for all of my high paying private clients is all laid out for you, step-by-step, in my OWN YOUR SPACE! Home training DVD featuring chapters onstorytelling, developing your message, even plenty of insider tips the Hollywood stars know so you can look great on camera all the time!

Think about it…would you like to demolish the road blocks of fear, self-doubt and stage fright on camera and replace it with confidence, ease and enthusiasm?

With this foundational knowledge you can start to build your strength as an on-camera personality/ brand and be a great representative of your business, charity, book or cause.

This DVD will help you showcase your area of expertise by developing your own powerful, authentic camera presence through easy exercises, training tools and simple tips that will have you looking and feeling as if you were born to be on camera! You’ll never shy away from a media opportunity again!

I’ll give you a back-stage pass to the same training used by successful TV and media personalities!


  • How to work your gestures, and body movements to tell your story, NOT distract from it!  PLUS! Lose 10 lbs in 5 seconds!
  • How to authentically harness your passion to influence others to action!
  • How to formulate your signature sound bites, and get a grip on your PR!
  • How to control elements of your set to best showcase you.
  • How memorization can kill your important opportunities! And other common mistakes to avoid!

It’s all about  OWNING YOUR SPACE!

You can handle your media opportunities like a pro. It all starts here!

“Sandra is a great coach…I will sincerely be forever grateful for the one tip, that literally  ‘made’ the difference for me to be invited  back to Fox Business, CNBC, Fox 40, KCRA News, many times!” ~ Kimberly Foss president Empyrion Wealth Management Inc..

“Sandra Robinson knows what she’s talking about, on camera and off! She’s a source of great ideas, inspiration and most importantly, strategies on how to present for any kind of video or TV segment. She covers all sorts of topics such as how you should be framed on camera and how to prepare for a TV interview. With the increased use of videos for business, this is a “must-have” for any business-owner’s library.” ~ Christa Nonnemaker, NAWBO-Ventura County Publicity Director and AXICOM Computer Network Support Specialist

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Sandra Dee Robinson has spent all of her adult life in front of a camera: initially an actor (including major roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, currently The Bay the Series, and a  guest star on Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds, Secret Life of an American Teenager and TV movies). She sidelines acting with TV hosting and being a product spokesperson. For the past several years, Sandra has been coaching entertainment reporters and television hosts and she founded Charisma on Camera media training studio to expand her clientele to professionals in any field. . She currently assists authors, life coaches, business professionals and actors who want to increase recognition and income by sharing their unique message with authenticity, charisma and their unique style in the media, on video or public speaking.

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