Stop Networking Like Everyone Else

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Social media strategies and e-mail campaigns are an important part of business marketing but Intuitively, we know there is still nothing more effective at building quality business relationships than a good old-fashioned face to face meeting. So why are so many people wasting valuable time when they head to a networking event? Thousands of phone numbers in your mobile device from cards you’ve collected means nothing if the folks you really [Continue reading »]

Happy People are More Creative and Successful in Sales

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Most of us realize without a doubt that positivity is attractive. But have you consciously evaluated your level of happiness and optimism? You might be surprised at just how much it may be affecting the outcome of your presentations, speeches or sales conversations! I was eating up some statistics on this today, and loving that science now reinforces what we have seen working in society with great leaders for centuries. [Continue reading »]

“Speakers Don’t Make Money” Reality Check?


“It doesn’t really matter if you have great talent; there are too few opportunities, and you’ll never make any money.” Chatting with James Malinchak (  I realized the similar misconceptions shared by the worlds of my early onset career of acting, and the world James and I were discussing.. speaking. Let’s take the biggest misconception: There are not enough paying gigs. I know many talented actors that must support themselves [Continue reading »]

Are You Allowing Your Biggest Reality?

Do you know how big God’s possibilities are for your life? Without realizing it, we can be living within self-imposed restrictions that have become so comfortable that we cannot see the freedom and finer pastures right in front of us. My husband and I recently moved onto a larger property with acres of pasture for our horses. I pictured them running like the wind when I gifted them with this [Continue reading »]

What’s Your Energy Field Saying About You?

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  “There is something about the outside of a horse  that is good for the inside of a man.” ~Winston Churchill     Imagine a small pen, only about 20 feet in diameter. Inside it, you and a 1200 pound animal that you have never met. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to communicate clearly with this animal that is many times larger than you. Some folks might find that a bit unnerving.   You [Continue reading »]

Three Quick Wisdoms From Mom for You (Part 2)

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    After revisiting my mother’s wisdom in Part 1, I become even more aware of Mom’s influence on my daily thoughts.   Comments that used to elicit a rolling-of-the-eyes became valuable learnings that we sometimes don’t fully appreciate until we become adults. This week, I recalled many more lessons than just these here, but I’ll share three more with you: 1.“ Stand up straight.” Told to me when I [Continue reading »]

3 Quick Wisdoms From My Mom for You!

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  3 Quick Wisdoms From My Mom for You! I’d like to know where Hallmark World is. Apparently it’s better than Disneyland.   Mother’s Day in Hallmark World, for instance, is a celebration of warm and fuzzy perfect parenting, unconditional love and support and endless memories of dress-up and tea parties.   In my world, though, my mother and I have rarely seen eye-to-eye, and at times I wonder how [Continue reading »]

Three Proven Ways to Change a “Challenge” to a “Celebration!”


  Not a day goes by with out choices to be made, but when times get tough sometimes our perspective needs a shift. After all, we are not designed to be in struggle perpetually, but we are designed to live in happiness and prosperity.  So how can we change our challenges into celebration?   Whether the situation is financial struggles, relationship turmoil or trouble with excessive behaviors like gambling, shopping, [Continue reading »]

Increase Your Likeability in an Instant!

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Want to know the number one thing that can give you more bang for your buck in your presentations?  Whether you are in front of a camera or pitching to an audience of any size (even 1) you put odds much more in your favor for being well-liked and listened to simply by sharing… a smile.   It seems too simple, right? Doesn’t everyone know this?  Yet, the number one [Continue reading »]