Learn the secret to connect with your

target market, stand out from the crowd and

create the results you’ve been dreaming of

In today’s media-driven world, perception is reality.
Learning to embrace and project your Powerful Personal Presence is the secret that elite entrepreneurs and leading visionaries use to captivate their audiences, increase their impact, and influence the world in a positive way.

Hi! I’m Sandra Dee Robinson,

I founded Charisma on Camera when I discovered that I was surrounded by brilliant people that all shared a common problem. These were people in all different areas of expertise; Authors, Speakers, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, CEOS and even working actors and TV Hosts like me. Every one of them had a certain level of discomfort when it came time to get in front of a video or TV camera and just be themselves.

I know how it feels, I’ve been there myself and I have created a unique form of training for presentations on camera and off that is helping people create amazing results.

I empower and educate people around the world to recognize and embrace their natural-born gifts that God has given them in order to realize their ultimate potential as they inspire, motivate, and create the impact in the world that they are uniquely called to do.

We can help you if you

  • Want to get your message out in a big way, using video or TV, but feel uncomfortable on camera
  • Are asked to be a guest expert on TV and are worried about just what to say
  • Dream of hosting your own show but know little about how to hold the audience like the pros
  • Want to tap into the business-propelling world of speaking from the stage and not sure where to start

It starts here. With you. It’s starts with owning every bit of who you are with power built on communicating effectively from a space of confidence and joy.

Powerful communicators make the best leaders – no matter if you are leading a movement, leading the market, or closing a sale. When you fully embrace what I teach for realizing your Powerful Personal Presence, you will always be able to show up as the best version of you, filled with the confidence and skill to create powerful connections when it matters most.

“Clearly communicating who you are and what you stand for will attract the exact people into your life that you need in order to make the impact in the world you are designed to make!”—SDR

Father’s Wisdom (with quotes from some special friends)

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  In Honor Of My Dad… I asked a few friends that I consider quite successful to share some words about their Dad this Father’s Day…  Below you’ll see the responses in stories and quotes. To my surprise, I found such a blessing in this project…the blessing was in the words they shared, but also in the remembering of my Dad. I miss him daily, but Father’s Day has been [Continue reading »]

Look up! Turn a Pity Party into a Positive!


Have you ever thrown yourself a party?  How about a “pity party?” We put on pajamas, put a spoon in the ice cream container and watch The Notebook… again. Let’s face it, we all experience low times. We have disappointments, set backs and things that seem like failures that can leave us feeling pretty bad.   Sometimes, we just choose to stay in that state for a bit. One good thing about [Continue reading »]

Stop Networking Like Everyone Else

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Social media strategies and e-mail campaigns are an important part of business marketing but Intuitively, we know there is still nothing more effective at building quality business relationships than a good old-fashioned face to face meeting. So why are so many people wasting valuable time when they head to a networking event? Thousands of phone numbers in your mobile device from cards you’ve collected means nothing if the folks you really [Continue reading »]

Happy People are More Creative and Successful in Sales

Photo by: www.KincannonPhotography.com

Most of us realize without a doubt that positivity is attractive. But have you consciously evaluated your level of happiness and optimism? You might be surprised at just how much it may be affecting the outcome of your presentations, speeches or sales conversations! I was eating up some statistics on this today, and loving that science now reinforces what we have seen working in society with great leaders for centuries. [Continue reading »]